wait + hope | @sorrykhary
the Hegazy twins, @LeilaMusic + @OmniaTweets 

(at Rockwood Music Hall)
don’t let go
bronx daze w/ @JerryStAubin
thumbs up
embracing a feel. | @therosegold
king of the hill. | @aguynamekyle
Had my dude, Emmanuel come out to some unfamiliar territory.

What a day. More to unravel.
shaded. | @LeoAmped
ms. Reneé. | @ArtisteRenee
Had a lot of fun shooting this yesterday. 

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WCK 001 - In the Game 


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8:28, yesterday.
"how long you gonna be out here?" —@nolansland

dondre green . brooklyn, ny . 2014
"Three years ago, I decided to take the creative leap.  I abandoned all the comfort zones and safety routes I knew of to pursue what I was genuinely interested in: photography.  Countless risks and sleepless nights never went unnoticed.  Through my growth, i’ve realized It’s super important to be honest with yourself as an artist and to always know your value.  Often in NYC, I feel like creatives don’t get the respect they deserve on a professional level, almost as if artistic integrity doesn’t exist.  I can honestly say, my only real fear is being too complacent and not taking enough risks to evolve as an artist.  That shit is vital for living." - Dondre Green